E3 Moda Step Over

E3 Moda Step Over

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Goodbye, Car! A super commuter that will take you fast wherever you want to go. Forget about getting all sweaty to work and skip all the traffic jam!

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Regular Price: $3,749.00

Special Price $1,999.00

About this eBike


Bold styling and practicality meet in this modern day speedster. Whether zipping along the bike lane on the way to work, or tacking on a little cardio before yoga class, the IZIP Moda will get you there fast.

An integrated rear rack pairs with custom alloy fenders to let you carry your belongings in style weekdays, or leave them behind when out riding for fun on the weekends. The powerful 50 LUX safety lighting system makes sure you will be seen day or night.


Reviewer: joe
A human bike borg with massive motor and power pack
As a previously conventional bike rider i have to say this bike is a surprise. I bought this bike because i live in extremely hilly country . though the roads are paved it's either up or down riding here. i have large distances to cover to get to the store for groceries. After twenty miles of up and down riding this bike is still half charged. I ride on the middle setting for speed and i find its too fast so i actually ride it on the lowest boost setting except when going up the steepest of hills. then i go to medium boost. it takes about fifty percent of the effort of riding a bike. If you want to just go with the max power boost the bike flys along faster than i even care to go on a bike. your riding almost at car speeds at max power. The thing you have to get used to is you have to stop peddling or peddle gently when shifting gears. the motor is set up to amplify your peddling effort so the tug of the motor makes for a hard shift either up gear or down if you peddle while shifting gears. It takes a bit of practice to get smooth shifts. The gears also control your speed in a way thats a bit different than they do on just a peddle power bike. It's unbelievably powerful and holds a massive charge. pretty impressive bike has good quality components too. This is a lot of technology and interfacing of systems. Quite an impressive machine.
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