E3 Vibe Plus Step Thru (2018)

E3 Vibe Plus Step Thru (2018)

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There are no short cuts when it comes to making things right, so if you want to step into a fast and stylish electric boosted bike, then look no further.

About this eBike


Age is just a number and shouldn’t stop you from riding to the next hilltop for a better view. The IZIP Vibe+ is the perfect electric bike to take you there and will give you the incentive to incorporate fitness and fun into your busy life.

The reliable TranzX M16 center motor will help propel you up to 20mph, and leave you with plenty of energy to see all the sights. The E3 Vibe+ has been a crowd favorite for years with its comfortable, upright riding position, and now with the addition of disc brakes, we are sure it will get your vote for ‘Best in Class’.


Reviewer: Van_the_man
Highly recommend this bike, you will love the power assist system and the brakes. If you ride in wet conditions may want to change the tires.
I almost give it 5 stars, this is an awesome electric bike at a great price. Power delivery is available in 4 ranges (1-4). 1 doesn't offer much assistance, I use 2 for cruising or touring and bump up to 3 for going up hills, 4 is there if you need it which I never have. The electric assist is this bikes strongest asset, I have ridden other more expensive bikes and this one is the best. I charge the battery right on the bike, very handy. The disk brakes are also awesome. At first I thought the ride was a little harsh but I adjusted the tire pressure and that helped a bunch. The tires are a design that doesn't have much tread which should last a long time but you have to watch them if the road is wet. Upshifting is a positive click which I love, downshifting doesn't have a positive detent which I would prefer but works ok.
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