E3 Simi Step Thru

E3 Simi Step Thru

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Kick up your heels and cruise into the magical world of electric bike riding on the eye-catching Simi electric beach cruiser. Designed for fun and built to last, the relaxed easy-riding Simi is equipped with a high quality motor that will truly get you places without breaking the bank.

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About this eBike


The Simi electric beach cruiser will make you fall in love with bicycling and get you where you need to go—in style. Cruise for miles with the wind in your hair and a smile on your face as the SR Suntour Performance rear hub motor powers your hours of fun.

The Simi’s handling is relaxed yet confidence-inspiring, and the design allows you to put your feet on the ground without getting off the saddle. One of the best quality entry-level electric comfort cruisers available, compare the motor, components and style to other e-cruisers to discover the Simi’s incredible value.


Reviewer: Anneliese
My Simi Has Changed My Life
Riding my IZIP Simi ebike has done wonders for my stress levels. I can turn on cruise control and unwind, or peddle a little faster and break a sweat. I've found myself valuing my time reconnecting with nature on the trails behind my house and weekends spent riding on the boardwalk with friends.  Overall, my demeanor is happier and more motivated. Before getting the bike, I never really knew how much it would positively impact so many areas of my life.
Reviewer: Vanessa C.
The Simi is my DREAM BIKE
I really love the pedal assist. I get the exercise of riding my bike, but with an extra perk... I get to go further and faster!! Now if there is an uphill I feel more confident I can ride through it.
Reviewer: Taz
So fun, comfortable, and stylish! Best purchase I've made in a while :)
Reviewer: Julie H.
I love this bike. This is the second IZip brand bike I have owned (I had my last bike for 6 years) and the quality is still great. I'm able to get 55 miles on my battery. I live in a very flat area though so that does help. If you are looking for a fun ride then this bike is a winner.
Reviewer: Nicoletta
Get This Bike.
All I have to say is you have to have this bike. I checked out a ton of other bikes that had a similar style but this one was not just cool looking (okay, I'm kinda vain) but the ride is fast and smooth. I literally can't stop smiling when I ride it. Usually to and from work but also cruising around on the weekends. So much better than paying for parking.
Reviewer: Mike B.
Great for anyone who needs a little extra help
Bought this bike for my mom. She is older and has had trouble getting up hills in her neighborhood in the last couple of years but not anymore! She loves this bike. Its easy to charge the battery and now she rides every day the weather is nice.
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