E3 Dash Step Over (2018)

E3 Dash Step Over (2018)

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With a dash of speed and power you can find new adventure every time you pedal this fantastically fun electric bike.
About this eBike


The E3 Dash is a proven performer and well known in speed pedal assist circles as a go-to electric bike. The aptly named Dash can get you to work fast while letting you burn a few extra calories along the way, and then let you sneak in a sunset selfie on the coast at the end of the day.

Robust alloy fenders keep you dry and won't rattle or bend, and the rear rack maintains a modern look while carrying pannier bags with ease. Can you say ‘Real Transportation’?


Reviewer: John
Well made and top quality.
My son has an IZIP edash ( 2 years old ) which can go 28 mph. He's put on almost 7,000 miles on the original battery. Had the motor replaced under warranty but this is a great bike.
Reviewer: Putty
Great bike! Love it. Always arrive at work smiling.
I have about 400 miles of commuting on the Dash. My commute is 12.5 miles each way and pretty hilly. On my way to work, I have about 230 ft of elevation gain. On the return trip, it is about 560 ft of elevation gain. I am a larger rider and carry an Ortlieb pannier with about 20 lbs of laptop, clothes and such. The first thing to note about the Dash is that it is named appropriately. This bike is very quick on the downhills and the flats. With bike on pedal assist level 3, I can routinely maintain about 23-24 mph through the flats. The bike rolls really well. The battery and motor placement make the feel of this bike very similar to the feel of a normal bike. The center of gravity being so low helps the bike handle well. The lights, fenders and rack make this a utilitarian bike for sure. Speaking of the lights, be careful. That head lamp is pretty bright. When riding towards someone walking, I would suggest pointing it further down to the ground so as to not blind them. We also make smaller trips to the grocery store on our ebikes instead of using the car. I have even ridden this bike up a pretty steep hill with a dead battery and it didn't seem as bad as my full suspension mountain bike on the same hill.

I have 3 very minor complaints. First, I wish I could control the lights coming on and off. For safety reasons, it is good to have the lights on when riding in traffic. I have about half a mile on streets on my commute. It would be nice to use the lights on demand.

Second, the routing of the cable for the rear light on the rack can make the bottom attachment point for my Ortlieb Pannier tough to get on from time to time. About once a week, I have to rotate that cable back to the side facing the tire to get the pannier on the bike. Either better external cable holders or internal cable routing would be nice for this.

Third, the way the battery attaches by the bottom bracket can be tricky. Both my wife and I have put the battery on the Dash and Zuma on the bike only to see the bottom of the battery is actually out of the housing. The top of the battery has some guides to make the battery slides on well, but the bottom doesn't.

Fourth, I wish you had made the step over in the green that the step through had. That was a great color and I would have liked better color options.

As I stated, these are very minor complaints. All in all, the Dash is a great bike. It is exactly what a commuter should be; quick, smooth and maneuverable. I am a heavier rider and I ride with the assist level on 3 for 90% of my commute. I arrive at work with about two bars left on on the indicator. On my way home, with a pretty steep hill at the very end of my ride that I go full assist on, I get home with 1-2 bars left on the battery. A head wind definitely uses more battery.

If you're looking for a quick ebike to make your commute more fun, you found it.
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