E3 Dash Step Thru

E3 Dash Step Thru

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Dash around town on this speedy Class 3 electric bike. With the assisted pedaling power to make your heart race, it makes getting where you need to go fantastically fast and exhilarating.
About this eBike


The E3 Dash is a proven performer and well-known in speed pedal-assist circles as a go-to electric bike. The aptly named Dash can get you to work fast while letting you burn a few extra calories along the way and then let you sneak in a sunset selfie on the coast at the end of the day. Robust alloy fenders keep you dry and won't rattle or bend, and the rear rack maintains a modern look while carrying panniers with ease. Can you say “real transportation”?


Reviewer: JSM
Riding is So much Easier
I love mine - it is great to help me with the hills that I struggled with. Now I am commuting 2-3 times a week to work. Love the fun color and the fact the lights are built in. I feel I can manage longer rides and I am certainly getting the health benefits of them. Would be nice for accessories for the bike to also be available - like a choice for the clip in style bags.
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